What Home Architecture Style Speaks To Your Soul?

What Home Architecture Style Speaks To Your Soul?

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Are you interested in having your home custom built, but you don’t want it to have a boring architecture style? This guide is going to highlight popular architecture styles and when you’re done reading everything, you may have a better idea of what home style speaks to your soul.

Your home says so much about you.

It tells people your sensibility and what you love. A great architecture style should set you apart from the rest. It should show others your individuality and taste.

That’s why if you’re having a home custom built, you’ll want it to represent your deepest self.

Here are some beautiful architecture styles to consider when building your dream house.


Cape Cod

The Cape Cod home will give you a taste of New England.

This architectural style has rectangular shapes and shingle siding. Some Cape Cod designs resemble homes you would find by the seaside.

There are so many different types of Cape Cod builds to consider. They can be transitional, traditional, or metropolitan.


Classic Mediterranean

The Mediterranean architectural style was influenced by villa homes along the Mediterranean sea. These are popular in countries like Greece and Italy.

These homes have sloping roofs and stucco. The classic Mediterranean design is also categorized by neutral tones and a natural feel. Beige, white and yellow are common colors.

The calming oasis of this architecture will bring the ocean to wherever you are.



If you’re looking for a simple, contemporary style, modern might be the one. This style became popular in the 20th century as a response to classic architecture.

The modern home often has big windows and open living spaces. These exteriors have geometric lines rather than ornate structures.

It’s great for any homeowner who loves relaxing and entertaining guests.



The Colonial style became popular in the 1700s during the Colonial period.

These homes have multiple stories and symmetrical designs. They often have shuttered windows on either side of the door.

There are different types within this style. These include the East Coast Colonial and the Classic California Georgian Colonial. It all depends on what suits your sensibility best.



Spanish architecture has a rich and interesting history. It comes from Spanish settlers in the 1600s who brought their aesthetic to the United States.

The Spanish style has a similar European flavor to the Mediterranean home. It will make you feel like you’re living in Barcelona.

There are many ways to incorporate Spanish elements into your custom home. The Spanish Colonial Revival features earthy colors, balconies, and low pitched roofs.


Find Your Architecture Style

You often know which style speaks to your soul once you see it.

Now that you know which architecture style represents you, it’s time to build your custom home.

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