What is a Modern Farmhouse?: Everything You Need to Know

What is a Modern Farmhouse?: Everything You Need to Know

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What is a modern farmhouse? Is this the right design style for you? Read on to learn everything you need to know about a modern farmhouse.

Before the turn of the 20th century, farms flourished throughout most of the country. The Midwest farmhouse was a symbol of prosperity, family, and hard work.

But as the nation became more industrialized, people abandoned their farms for the bright lights of big cities. Thus, the farmhouse, once a symbol of a grandeur, was all but forgotten.

That is, until recently. The farmhouse has gotten a much-needed makeover and is now one of the more popular designs among Americans.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you want to know about the modern farmhouse, so you can decide if it’s the right style for you.


What’s the Modern Farmhouse Design?

“Modern farmhouse” may confuse those unfamiliar with HGTV’s popular reno shows and never-ending use of shiplap. After all, “modern” is a design style all its own.

In fact, if you’re an architecture buff, you may think “modern” and “farmhouse” have no place together. It turns out, they’re much more complementary than you realize.

Cozy, comfy, and charming, the modern farmhouse is a perfect juxtaposition of traditional design. Think warm wood and a clean palette. Modern amenities with 119th-century charm.

Here are some modern interior design ideas for creating 21st-century farmhouse living.


Reclaimed Wood and Industrial Accents

From shiplap to wide-plank floors, what sets a farmhouse decor from other styles is the use of natural and industrial accents.

Barn doors are increasing in popularity and are available at home improvement retailers and specialty stores. Exposed beams never go out of style, but adding them to your farmhouse living room or kitchen brings the look together.

Wooden mantles, iron accents, and galvanized metal are perfect accents for a modern farmhouse. But, be sure not to go overboard. Too much distracts from the simple and natural beauty of the American farmhouse.


Neutral Color Palette

Many modern farmhouses use white as their dominant color. It contrasts the darker shades of the wood and metal used in the home’s accents. But don’t be afraid of using grays or tans using white as the trim color.

Another popular choice is adding a pop of color – a bright blue or yellow – to bring some boldness to the design. Use these bright colors sparingly, though.

Using them in accent pillows, window treatments, or accessories is enough to make it feel luxurious without being overdone.


Big, Comfy Furniture

Big, comfy furniture you can sink into is a big part of pulling off a modern farmhouse look. But so is mix-and-match furniture sets.

To balance out the wood and metal accents, plush furniture brings a coziness into an industrial-designed space. If you have a neutral couch, add patterned armchairs.


Vintage Accessories

There’s a difference between country chic and farmhouse and it’s in the accessories. Country chic tends to lean a little on the kitschy side, while farmhouse is about minimalism and luxury.

Keep your accessories to a minimum. When you do shop for home decor accents, look toward a vintage aesthetic.


The Chef’s Kitchen

The heart of the home is the kitchen. In 19th-century farmhouses, this was definitely the case and 150 years later, it’s still the focal point of many homes.

Double ovens, large islands, and tons of counter space will instantly give you a luxurious chef’s kitchen. But, there are some other finishes you’ll want to consider.

Copper farmhouse sinks are timeless and practical. White cabinetry with glass accent doors is a staple of a farmhouse kitchen.

Add a hanging pot rack and vintage Edison bulbs in your fixture for the ultimate in farmhouse design.


Building Relationships, Not Just Homes

Giving your home a modern farmhouse makeover is more than barn doors and shiplap. It’s also not for everyone.

But, if you can’t get enough of the classic farmhouse look, we can help.

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