Our People…Our Promise

Our People…Our Promise

There is a direct relationship between the strength and cohesiveness of the people within our organization and the quality homes and relationships we build with our clients. We recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of Structure Home! In that time, we have assembled and developed a team that is experienced, knowledgeable, responsible, and reliable — consistently performing in an excellent manner. Our team, and all the results that have been accomplished by this organization, are a source of great pride and fulfillment.

Structure Home consists of 15 people, including 8 in the corporate offices and 7 in field operations. Ten of the members of our team have been with the organization more than nine years! In addition, our history of building fine homes together creates a special bond that makes the Structure team particularly effective. As a cohesive group we have guided hundreds of families through their home-building journey…and this experience has shaped, refined and sharpened the skills we offer to every Structure project.

Professional. Respectful. Talented. Creative. Caring. Reliable. Responsible….these are the qualities this group of people exemplifies. We’re extremely proud to have assembled a team of dedicated, highly experienced builders and support personnel, who bring their passion to work with them every day. Our history together brings to Structure Home a strong sense of teamwork and a shared vision of excellence.

We truly are building more than fine homes, we’re building relationships for life!

Recent Anniversaries within the Structure Family

jeff_structure_homeJeff Rubin — April 14th marked the thirteenth anniversary of work history for Jeff Rubin at Structure Home. As a project manager, Jeff has successfully led and completed 31 homes during his time at the company. In addition, Jeff brings over 25 years of building experience to the Structure team. Jeff is passionate about technology, is strategic in his approach to projects and carefully manages client’s goals, including excellent budget management and control throughout the development of the home. An accomplishment of this magnitude is impressive! We sincerely respect his dedication as well as the valuable contribution he has made over the long career he has enjoyed with Structure Home.

wally_structure_homeWally Steinert — April 28th marks the nineteenth anniversary of work history of Wally Steinert at Structure Home. Wally is our most experienced and senior project superintendent with roots dating back nearly 30 years with the company founders. During his term with Structure, Wally has successfully completed over 56 custom homes, 158 multi-family units and a mid-rise luxury 25-unit condominium building on the Wilshire corridor. Excellence in every aspect of his professional and personal life is what characterizes this man. His dedication and valuable contribution are an inspiration for all of us who have had the privilege to work with Wally.

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