House Design Forcast: 5 Breathtaking Luxury Home Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

House Design Forcast: 5 Breathtaking Luxury Home Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

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The New Year often brings new luxury home trends into our homes, with a focus on fresh interior styles and the convenience of modern amenities for added comfort. 

2019 is no different. Key trends of the past few years such as millennial pink and rose gold have finally reached a saturation point. In their place, we’re seeing more subtle moves towards luxury details that are sure to stand the test of time.

Here we reveal the most popular New Year Luxury Home Trends that took place in 2019.


1. Ornate Metallic Sinks and Basins

As featured on our home design blog, a modern farmhouse complete with a chef’s kitchen is one of the hottest home styles at the moment.

And, at the heart of the chef’s kitchen is the copper farmhouse sink, bringing both timeless style and practicality. But, sinks in bold metallics with hammered finishes and intricate designs are a key new trend for all home styles.

This New Year home trend is also making waves in bathrooms and washrooms, where ornate metallic basins are becoming a focal point for even the smallest rooms of your home


2. The Home Bar

A lot of the new decorating trends we’re seeing for 2019 revolve around making your home an inviting and comforting place for you and your loved ones.

And, given that staying in is the new going out, it’s no surprise that home bars, drinks carts, and beverage refrigerators are becoming more popular in the world of interiors.

For modern homes and more traditional homes alike, the addition of a decorative wine storage rack or a brass decor bar cart creates endless possibilities for entertaining.


3. Colorful Kitchens

White kitchens, stark worktops and stainless-steel appliances are all very much out for 2019.

Instead, high style is about to invade your kitchen, with rich hues, warm wooden details, and mixed metals taking center stage.

Rather than stand-alone appliances, new high-end refrigerators and cookers are at one with your kitchen, featuring metallic handles and a more integrated design. And that means there’s more scope for color, with black, navy blue, garnet, and forest green appliances ready to take your kitchen up a notch.


4. Four-Poster Beds

In these uncertain times, it’s natural to look to our homes for the comfort and sense of safety they provide.

And, what could feel more protective than a four-poster bed? And, as well as the feeling of safety and comfort it provides, it’s a classic luxury item that’s sure to be a true focal point for your bedroom.

But, while mixed metals are at the forefront of trendy home decor for 2019, four-poster beds in rich wooden finishes offer a more timeless appeal.


5. Decorative Bathrooms

With bold spa-style bathrooms emerging as a key trend, there’s a lot more focus on making your bathroom into a sanctuary of design.

As well as the decorative basins we mentioned above, key details include intricate geometric patterned tiles and statement shower doors. And, for a truly luxurious experience at bath time, freestanding bathtubs backed by wall mirrors are one of the new year home trends you need to look out for in 2019.


Try Out the Luxury Home Trends for 2019

As we approach the New Year, these home trends show how luxury detailing, bold hues and a focus on comfort all combine to create an inspiring and inviting home environment.

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