Inspiration and Vision for the New Structure Offices

Inspiration and Vision for the New Structure Offices

Company Updates

New Corporate Headquarters located at 21860 Burbank Blvd., Suite 110 (South)

The new corporate office is located in a beautiful campus environment in Warner Center. The buildings and lobby are professional, clean and upscale. The campus feel and constant exposure to the people that share it with us is refreshing, calming and pleasant.

We intentionally chose space on the ground floor, surrounded by glass, landscaped grounds, beautiful trees and water features in the area surrounding the new space. The design of the office was driven by the goal of bringing as much of the feel of that exterior space into the feel of the office interiors. This led us to design transparent walls on the inside of the space to…allowing the beautiful grounds to fill the interior experience of the offices.

The space is open, light, clean and without clutter, where we can find a good home for all that we need. We spend a fair amount of quality time in the conference room and lunch room…so the focus is to make those spaces feel good, comfortable and functional for their purposes.

The furnishing of the individual offices will be adorned with photos of the amazing work we do, with the ability to rotate images and update them with new completed projects. The whole space feels bright and cheerful and reflects the wonderful work Structure Home does…all the time.




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