Hottest Luxury Home Design Trends

Hottest Luxury Home Design Trends

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The Hottest New Luxury Home Design Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Your home is your castle, and you should love everything about it. From minimalism to a resort-vibe, these are the hottest luxury home design trends of 2018.

Over 5 million homes are sold in the United States on a yearly basis.

If you have an extensive budget for this purchase, investing in a luxury home is a great idea. These homes are generally larger and feature a variety of perks.

Once you have chosen and purchase a luxury home, properly designing it should be your main concern. The key to a successful luxury home design is finding a theme and sticking to it.

Working with home design professionals is ideal due to the vast amount of experience they have. These professionals will have no problem offering you guidance throughout this decorating process.

Here are just some of the latest luxury home design trends of 2018 – 

No Luxury Home Design is Complete without a Wallpaper Makeover

Luxury Home Design Trends Structure Home Los Angeles California

For many years, wallpaper was something most people avoided due to the outdated designs on the market.

Recently, wallpaper has become a popular luxury home design option due to the modern designs available. By using modern and bold prints, you can add more appeal to the rooms in your luxury home.

Rather than putting wallpaper all over a particular room, you can instead use it as an accent. Many luxury homeowners are using this material to create things like headboard accent walls.

With a bit of professional guidance, you should have no problem getting the eye-catching wallpaper you need to transform your luxury home.

Using Light to Increase the Appeal of Your Luxury Home

Luxury Home Design Trends Structure Home Los Angeles California

As most homeowners know, the right light source can make or break the appeal a particular room has.

If you are looking for a way to make the rooms in your luxury home more rustic, using Edison bulb fixtures is ideal. In recent years, vintage lighting has had a resurgence in popularity.

When trying to choose lighting fixtures for the rooms in your luxury home, be sure to take into consideration the existing decor that is in place. Neglecting to make this consideration can lead to major design faux pas.

The Concrete Comeback

Luxury Home Design Trends Structure Home Los Angeles California

Are you looking for a way to add a sleek industrial element to your luxury home? With concrete flooring and walls, you can make a bold statement without a huge investment.

When coupled with bold accent walls, concrete walls can be quite impactful and appealing. Increasing the amount of concrete in your home is a great way to take advantage of unique textures and modern finishes.

Rustic Wood Washes

Luxury Home Design Trends Structure Home Los Angeles California

In recent years, the rustic decor has become extremely popular.

White-washed woods are one of the most popular rustic design options. Most people use these white-washed woods with a natural finish to make the rooms in their luxury homes look unique.

Cerused wood, which uses white pigment to fill in grain lines, can help create a more textured and appealing look for your luxury home.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Finding a luxury home builder to help you bring your vision to life is no easy task. Without an experienced construction company, getting the right luxury home will be nearly impossible.

Are you looking for a builder with experience? If so, the team at Structure Home is here to help.