What Distinguishes Structure Home from the Traditional Custom Home Building Model?

What Distinguishes Structure Home from the Traditional Custom Home Building Model?

We’re often asked what sets us apart from other custom home builders. One primary differentiator is the fact that we have developed a detailed, comprehensive and turnkey process called “The Journey” for every step of the planning and construction of your new home.

Structure maintains an always-expanding library of plans and product information to facilitate the selection of architectural and building specifications. Unlike other general contracting firms, we take full responsibility to lead the entire project management effort on your behalf. Our role is more than building a fine custom home. We are responsible professionals providing guidance, management and control of risk – from design, through development and into your life in the new home.

In addition, we also provide reliable financial information and market analysis to facilitate clear decisions about the optimal investment opportunity to maximize the return from your home improvement alternatives. Our goal is to thoroughly address the concerns of all clients, holistically integrating your home into your lifestyle and estate plans.

Below are some other key differentiators in what makes Structure stand out from other custom home builders …

A. Structure takes responsibility for the management of the entire project from conceptual design to a completed and turn-key custom home. In addition to managing the building process, we also manage all due diligence and zoning research, pre-development design, entitlements (permits/approvals), neighborhood outreach and post-completion customer care.

B. All Structure Home projects begin with a comprehensive budget estimate and clearly defined set of design objectives prior to engaging any design consultants. With these tools, we hire the design professionals and charge them with the responsibility to design a home that is consistent with the project objectives. Before and after each design stage: Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents, we revise and refine the budget to assure control of project costs. This procedure is fundamental to managing and controlling financial risk in a responsible manner.

C. The content of our budget is comprehensive and our budget philosophy is to anticipate costs as early as possible to minimize surprises along the way. With 10-15 custom homes being purchased every year, our broad resource base and buying power translate into reduced construction costs to all of our clients.

D. Structure offers a Guaranteed Maximum Price Contract form and utilizes a systematic purchasing approach that can be transparent and provide confidence that the best value and selections were achieved for every trade. The components of our contract include a comprehensive preliminary budget prior to schematic design, a refined budget to control plan design development and a guaranteed budget derived from comprehensive bid procurement.

E. Structure Home is comprised of a project management team that has been collaborating and supporting each other’s growth, for many years. Many of Structure’s staff have been trained and mentored by each other, are related to one another and are supportive friends. Similar strands of history and connection run throughout our extended base of human resources, from design professionals to vendors to subcontractor trades…Our clients derive consistent benefits from this cohesive group that shares experience, professionalism, integrity and a passion for quality custom home building.

F. The “Structure Journey” timeline is a management system that strategically directs every required task to effectively complete a fine custom home. This organized collaboration and carefully coordinated schedule brings consistently successful results to every project. Managing the entire process with this type of discipline enables us to complete projects on time, translating into significant cost savings to our customers.

G. Structure Home has made a significant commitment to technology. All staff members, including field staff, are available via e-mail, all field staff have lap top computers and are all are familiar with company software. Structure Home is a paperless organization…all documents and plans related to every project are scanned and preserved electronically. Every portion of your project is directed, communicated and recorded in a secure website dedicated to your project. Procore project management software is used to provide a web-based hub for all project communication and information, linking every person and all plans that contribute to the completion of your new home. In addition, all project costs and project budgeting/estimating are managed with integrated custom-home accounting software, SAGE.

H. Structure Home has a significant stake in the communities we serve. We are actively involved with 10-20 homes per year with 8-15 active construction sites on-going at any one time. Furthermore, we continue to service past clients in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. Invariably, Structure Home personnel are in close proximity to our customers at all times during regular business hours.

I. Our company’s vision statement is “Relationships For Life”. This means that all of the systems we’ve developed and all of the policies and procedures that govern our way of doing business…are specifically designed with this objective as a priority. Our commitment to customers runs far beyond the mandated new home warranty…we even want to be a resource and help care for and improve the homes we build for a lifetime.