The Design of the Times

The Design of the Times

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The doorway to color was opened in the year 2017 and in the New Year, 2018 it is no different. Thanks to colors like Ultra Violet by Pantone and Green Hour by Dunn Edwards the paint colors this year are dynamic. Walls have feelings and colors have meaning this year. The design trends we have been introduced to embrace lovely hues, patterns, and textures.

It’s certain that we will be “feeling” our way through rooms in 2018. With velvet wallpaper and concrete walls, everything this year seems to be inspired by the sense of touch. Plush and patterned furnishings are something you are sure to find in any new home this year.



What else are you sure to be seeing in the upcoming months?

Leafy plants will be taking over where your succulents left off. Some would say that the 1970’s are making a comeback due to the use of materials like terrazzo tile. Kitchens around the world are having a love affair with dark marble countertops. This new year will also be embracing open shelving units, matted hardware, bucket sinks and industrial lighting. A wonderful mix of modern and vintage design has officially arrived and it is inspiring.

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