8 of the Most Popular Architecture Styles for Luxury Homes

8 of the Most Popular Architecture Styles for Luxury Homes

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The Most Popular Architecture Styles for Luxury Homes

When shopping for a luxury home, it helps to be familiar with the different types of architecture styles available. Here’s a primer to help you get started.

You’re ready to invest in a beautiful luxury home but have no idea what architecture styles are popular and trending right now.

You don’t want to spend a fortune on a home that doesn’t look good or looks completely outdated. You want a trendy, luxurious home that you and your guests will fall in love with.

Instead of taking a risk and choosing a style without any research or outside opinion, it’s important to read up on what types of houses are in style.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the most popular architecture styles for luxury homes.


Best Architecture Styles for Luxury Homes

When looking to buy or design a luxury home, the options are endless. It can feel a bit overwhelming when deciding on which direction to go.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 most popular types of houses for you to choose from.


1. Storybrook

This is a perfect style home for people who want luxurious, fairytale architecture. This home looks like it’s been planted straight into contemporary times, right out of an old children’s book.

They are defined by cobblestone, uneven rooftops, and uniquely shaped doors and windows.

These homes can be extremely unique, so if you’re looking for a luxury home that really stands out, you should consider designing a storybook house.


2. Craftsman

This is a great home for someone who wants a much more contemporary feeling in the architecture. It is defined by low roofs, multi-pane windows, and tapered columns.

They tend to be painted more modest, earth tone colors such as grey or dark green. They are primarily built of stone and wood.


3. Mission Revival

This is a super popular California style home that is defined by low-pitched roofs with clay tile. They are painted white and have huge adobe walls.

These are complimented well by a large yard and pool which will really stand out against the white colored, classic style home.


4. Spanish Colonial Revival

This beautiful home is a sort of cross between the craftsman style and the mission revival.

They have typically painted earth colors, such as tan or brown and feature flat roofs, several balconies, tall windows, and an iron trim.

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5. Modern

This style home is extremely trendy and contemporary. These homes do not focus on fancy, over-the-top details like many other luxury homes do.

They are defined by horizontal and vertical lines, simple colors like white and grey, and extremely large windows to give it a very open, yet simple feeling.


 6. Bungalow

This is another wildly popular California style home and can be compared to the craftsman style. They have flat, low-pitched roofs and are typically smaller than any other styles of luxury homes.

They are made of stone and wood and have a simple layout, generally surrounded by lush green scenery and include easy access to the outdoors.


For More Information

If you’re ready to buy or build a new luxury home, it’s important to do all the research you can on what architecture styles are popular.

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