Understanding the Difference Between Cape Cods, Modern Homes, and Modern Farmhouses

Understanding the Difference Between Cape Cods, Modern Homes, and Modern Farmhouses

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Which Architectural Style Should You Choose For Your Home?

Are you trying to find the perfect architectural style for your new home? Follow our guide to the different types of home styles so you can make a decision.

The amount of new homes built in the US is climbing in recent years after the housing crash in 2010. In 2017, 614 thousand new homes were built across the country.

The biggest benefit of building a brand new house is that you can decide the exact specifications. Instead of making do with a resale home, you can build the house of your dreams with a luxury home developer.

But what architectural style will you choose? Read on to discover the highlights of three architectural styles: Cape Cods, modern farmhouses, and modern homes.

Architectural Style

Cape Cods

Cape Cods were first developed in America by early English settlers way back in the 1600s.

The settlers built these simple homes to keep out the cold New England winters.

Cape Cods are low, broad, one-story homes with a pitched gabled roof. They often have one or  one-and-one-half stories and have a shake or shingle siding.

The focal point is a large central chimney often at the gable end of the house.

These types of homes were popular in the 1930’s through the 50’s for their practicality and economical construction.

Today, modern Cap Cods have new luxuries like recessed entranceways to keep the rain and snow out. Porches and dormers and additional wings on the home add extra space and light while sticking to the feel of the colonial era.

Architectural Style

Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse is one of the highest sought architectural style on the market today.

Modern farmhouse combines the rustic, natural elements of yesteryear with the convenience and comfort of modernity.

In this architectural style, you will find large square footage, big wrap around porches, large windows, and open floor plans. Clapboard siding is also a must.

The kitchen is often spacious and dominates the living space of the main floor. It is a place for friends and family to gather. Lots of counter and storage space are a hallmark of modern farmhouse kitchens. You can often find an oversized island or peninsula with hanging pendant lighting in modern farmhouses.

Usually, these homes are rectangular and mainly two stories. You’ll often see pitched gable roofs, with or without dormers and sleek lines.

Inside, there is often a neutral color scheme balanced by natural elements and greenery from outside. Rustic or antique mismatched furniture is sure to be present. The home will not feel dated thanks to bold, bright, modern details like metal light fixtures.

While traditional farmhouses were only found in rural settings, modern farmhouses can be anywhere, even if the city.

The modern farmhouse combines comfort and aesthetics to create a striking, lovely space where people want to gather.


Modern Homes Architectural Style

Industrial touches are the hallmark of modern or contemporary homes.

You can expect to see metal and concrete building materials paired with large plate-glass windows.

It’s common to see elements of wood and natural stone added in geometrical shapes for creative and pleasing aesthetics. Although, asymmetrical designs are also common.

Modern homes work hard to incorporate natural light whether from sliding doors, big windows, and skylights.

With modern homes, you can expect to see clean and smooth textures without fussiness. Large open floor plans are just the thing for modern homes.

This architectural style is always changing and easily adopts new looks like industrial-looking sinks, hardware, and lighting fixtures.


Final Thoughts

We hope this look at three distinct and important architectural styles has helped you narrow down the style you want for your dream home.

Still not sure? Learn how to identify what architectural style speaks to your soul. Then check out our project gallery for inspiration.