Structure Home

Structure Home

We Build Relationships
Building custom homes for over 25 years, we've assembled an expert team of designers and project managers, an impeccable construction crew, and dedicated support personnel all with the same mission - to build not just custom homes for, but lifelong relationships with their clients.

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Building Homes

Building Homes

Your Structure home is more than just a place to live. It is an environment for that brings you comfort, joy and satisfaction.

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Responsible Building

Responsible Building

As in all aspects of our building practices, we take our responsibility to you and our community seriously.

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Our Services

Consulting & Design

Witness Services, Brokerage & Sales, Negotiating Consultant Agreements, Design Team Coordination, Document Quality Assurance


Planning & Feasibility

Market Research & Analysis, Estimates & Budget Development, Due Diligence & Market Feasibility, Site Condition & Development Evaluation


Project Management

Pre-Development Coordination, Competitive Bidding & Negotiating, Construction Management, Post-Completion Customer Service

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    “Structure has an ability to turn what should seem like a completely overwhelming project into a realizable reality, right before your eyes. With their strategic approach to project management and their top notch team of loyal contractors and vendors, you feel supported and truly cared for from the very beginning stages of the process.”

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    “We were positively floored with their attention to detail, the level of quality, the competence of their personnel, and their ability to assemble all the information to help us make informed decisions. The bottom line is you’re dealing with people who truly understand what they’re doing and take enormous pride in their work.”

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    “I recently built a home with the team at Structure Home. The quality of their work is evident, and their service truly set them apart. They were timely, responsive, thoughtful and great communicators — from planning, design and budgeting to scheduling, construction and finish. They completed the job on budget and ahead of schedule, with no major surprises. They are all anyone could hope for in a contractor.”

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    “Our friend told us that Structure’s people were highly professional, surprisingly punctual, took care of problems quickly, and most important, were extremely trustworthy. Our experience more than measured up to our expectations. From start to finish, their number one priority is their customers’ interests. We entrusted them with the most significant financial decision we’d ever made, and it was the right choice.”

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    “The process is so streamlined and precise that we honestly couldn’t have enjoyed building our dream home for our family any more than we did. We live busy lives and yet always looked forward to our Structure meetings, as we were one step closer to the vision that we were co-creating. We love our house, we loved the process, and the people at Structure go above and beyond…to make sure that every detail is addressed.”

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